Wednesday Workshop – Veteran’s Benefits

Wednesday Workshop – Veteran’s Benefits

Wednesday Workshop- Veteran's BenefitsThe Veteran’s Administration provides cash benefits to elderly and disabled veterans and their widows/widowers.

Many elderly and disabled veterans are aware of Service-Connected Compensation, which is available to veterans who have incurred or aggravated a disability during military service. However, many veterans do not know that there is another kind of V.A. benefit that does not require the veteran to have sustained a disability during military service: Non-Service Connected Compensation.

V.A. Pension is considered Non-Service Connected Compensation. So is the V.A. Aid & Attendance program, which may help eligible veterans and their widows/widowers with the high cost of long-term care. Both Pension Benefits, and Aide & Attendance Benefits, are known as “Improved Pension”.

Unfortunately, because Improved Pension Benefits are not widely known and are so poorly understood, thousands of eligibility veterans and their widows fail to apply.

Watch the video below to learn about the requirements for Improved Pension Benefits!