Wednesday Workshop – Unique Alzheimer’s Activities to Pass the Time

Wednesday Workshop – Unique Alzheimer’s Activities to Pass the Time

Wednesday Workshop – Unique Alzheimer’s Activities to Pass the Time

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Throughout the many different stages of Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to continue to provide quality of life at each stage. To do this, you will need to focus on what your loved one CAN do instead of focusing on what they CAN NOT do. Most activities that your loved one enjoyed before the diagnosis can still be done, just maybe in a different way.

Here are some unique activities for people living with Alzheimer’s disease:

1. DIY Shuffleboard

Create the shuffleboard court using blue painters tape. You can use old sauce jar lids or even a peanut butter jar lid for the pucks (or biscuits). You’ll need 6 pucks. For a paddle, use a Swiffer mop or broom. Then, put a line on the floor five feet back from the point of the board for your loved one and you to stand behind. A homemade scorecard can help to keep track of the points. (Download one here)

2. Target Golf
Find a decent size cardboard box. Cut off the top. Then, carefully cut out square openings towards the bottom of one side. The cut out squares can be equal in size or vary in size depending on how difficult you want to make the game. You can even designate points for each opening. Using a golf ball and club, try to hit the ball through the holes to earn points!

3. Balloon Ball
This game is fun and easy to set up. All you’ll need is a fly swatters for each player (purchase from the dollar store) and a blown up balloon. Use the fly swatters like you would use a tennis racket to hit the balloon back and forth. But don’t let the balloon touch the ground or you lose!

4. Plumbers Puzzles
This is a great activity for men especially. Lots of fun and intrigue is to be had by building all sorts of 3D structures. Go to your local hardware store or Home Depot and purchase PVC pipes and fittings in all different shapes and sizes. Your loved one can then tinker away as they build their very own structures.

5. Nerf Gun Target Practice
Here’s another fun activity for men. Although women may find this one fun and competitive. Purchase small nerf guns (or water guns if you’re brave). Then, you’ll need to set up some targets. You can use water bottles to hold ping-pong balls or set soda can on a ledge for target practice. Whoever knocks over the most targets wins!

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