Wednesday Workshop – Traveling Tips for the Elderly

Wednesday Workshop – Traveling Tips for the Elderly

Wednesday Workshop – Traveling Tips for the Elderly

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Traveling is something all families enjoy doing together. It gives family members time to bond, to see new places together and to create happy memories. Here are some tips for traveling with the elderly that will ensure your trip goes smoothly.

  1. Plan Ahead

Decide whether you’ll be traveling with or without your elderly loved one. If they are still independent then allow them to travel solo if they wish. If your loved one has some type of health or mental condition, then it is better to take them with you to ensure safety. Remember to reserve flights, tickets and hotel rooms with/for your loved one as well as yourself. If your loved one is disabled, then remember to alert the staff around you to help with accommodations.

  1. Prepare the documents

It’s a good idea to create a binder of important documents for your loved one that you can keep track of. Include their license, passport, emergency contact information, Medicare card, insurance cards and a list of their current medications.

  1. Pack Practically

Try to pack lightly! For a person traveling with at least some limitation, aim to pack everything necessary in a roll-aboard suitcase plus a medium-size over-the-shoulder carry-on.

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