Wednesday Workshop – Tips for Assessing Changes in Memory

Wednesday Workshop – Tips for Assessing Changes in Memory

Wednesday Workshop – Tips for Assessing Changes in Memory

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. As a family caregiver who works closely with a loved one, it may be hard to notice changes in his/her health and memory. Sometimes, we work so closely with our loved one that we don’t realize when we’re doing tasks for them and filling in their missing words. If you’re a more distant caregiver, then changes in memory over time may seem drastic.

Some changes may not be what you think. Occasional forgetfulness is normal in the aging process and does not always indicate dementia. Before you leap into action, talk to your loved one. It’s best to try not to sound critical. For example, “Mom, it looks like you need some groceries. Are you having trouble at the store?” You can then explain why you’re asking. Say something like, “I ask because I see you’re out of bread and I want to make sure you have everything you need.”

Next, offer a 1 or 2 suggestions on what can be done to fix the problem. For example, “Would you like me to arrange to have groceries delivered?” or “Can we go to the store together once a week?”

Finally, follow up your suggestions with practical help. You might arrange a meal program for your loved one or you may want to look into hiring an aide to assist your loved one with tasks. In any situation, remember to discuss, explain and try to make decisions with your loved one. They will be happier in the end when they feel involved in the decision making process.

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