Wednesday Workshop – Smart Ideas to Keep Your Loved One with Memory Loss Independent

Wednesday Workshop – Smart Ideas to Keep Your Loved One with Memory Loss Independent

Wednesday Workshop – Smart Ideas to Keep Your Loved One with Memory Loss Independent

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Staying independent and in your own home is the goal for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. As caregivers, when the disease progresses, you may start compensating for your loved one. You start to finish their sentences when they can’t find the words, you get them dressed and you wash them up. You do these things to “help” and to get things done more quickly, but the reality is that the longer someone is able to do tasks for themselves the better!

Here are a few smart ideas on how to keep your loved one with memory loss independent for as long as possible.

  1. Stick to a routine

People living with memory tend to do better when they follow a daily routine. Sticking to a basic schedule or routine will decrease anxiety and help maintain their sense of security.

  1. Tips on Grooming

Many older individuals have a harder time getting dressed. By switching to elastic pants, pullover shirts and Velcro shoes you may come to realize that your loved one can get ready on their own easier and later into the disease.

  1. Tips for the Bathroom

If incontinence is an issue for your loved one, then consider using the “set routine” trick again. Start getting your loved one on a bathroom schedule so their body will know when to go.

  1. Tips for Activities

Activities are great and important to someone living with dementia. The main thing to remember is that the activities should be failure free. Whatever the outcome, your loved one should be celebrated when the activity is “completed”. Another thing to keep in mind is as the disease progresses your loved one’s attention span will decrease. If and when this happens, it’s a good idea to set up an activities station. An activities station can be a small area of the house where all your loved one’s activities are held. Fill the area with books, games, puzzles, music, etc.

By focusing on what they can do and by taking the time to let them succeed at their own pace you are handing them the keys to maintaining their independence and dignity.  The two greatest gifts that anyone can give!

To learn more or to speak with us here at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center

Feel free to call us at (877) 760-9199 or email us below. Thanks for watching today’s Wednesday Workshop and we’ll see you again next week.


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