Wednesday Workshop – Simple Exercises for People Living with Memory Loss

Wednesday Workshop – Simple Exercises for People Living with Memory Loss

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. There are many suitable exercise opportunities that may be beneficial for people in the early or middle-stages of dementia. Local community or sports centers often provide a range of organized exercise and physical activity sessions, such as ball games, seated exercises, tai chi, music and dance, indoor bowling or swimming.

Some of these activities can be modified and carried out at home. Walking, gardening and housework are also good forms of everyday physical activity.

  1. Dance

Dancing can range from solo dances and couple or group sessions to more improvised movement involving ribbons, balloons or balls. Dancing can also be done in a seated position. This is a very social activity and an enjoyable way to participate in exercise. It can increase strength and flexibility, help with staying steady and agile, and reduce stress.

  1. Swimming

Swimming, under supervision, is a good activity for people with dementia. Many people find the sensation of being in the water soothing and calming. Some studies have also shown that swimming may improve balance and reduce the risk of falls in older people.

  1. Walking

Walking suits all abilities. It is free, does not need special equipment, and can be done anywhere. The distance and time spent walking can be varied to suit fitness levels. Some local leisure centers and other organizations arrange group walks, supported by a walk leader, of various lengths, so it can also be a social activity.

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