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Wednesday Workshop – Self Care Zodiac – December & Capricorn

Wednesday Workshop – Self Care Zodiac – December & Capricorn

Wednesday Workshop - Self Care Zodiac - December & CapricornThis is the time of year when families come together.  Often a gathering of family members is joyous and comforting and however, sometimes family gatherings are a catalyst for bringing up resentments and even very old painful disagreements and memories.  A potential positive approach to the challenging aspects of this time of year is to welcome the discomforts as an opportunity for healing (either between you and someone else or just for the inner you – the focus of this series).

The zodiac sign for the winter solstice holidays is Capricorn.  Capricorn is an earth sign. People born under the sign of Capricorn are known for doing what they need to do to get a job accomplished. The two famous Capricorns highlighted in this month’s video are:  Al Capone and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  These two men are known for being effective in getting jobs done and their approaches are a study in contrasts.  Al Capone is famous for taking revenge on mafia “family” members.  Dr. King is famous for being strong in serving his very large family of African Americans and committed to doing it with non-violence.

So you may wonder:  How might the Capricorn traits of getting the job done be applied to family healing? Insights are shared in the video presentation.

We know that family resentments can be longstanding, subtle, and challenging to face because the family stays a family even if painful issues do not get addressed. Learning and applying tools (that actually work) to help yourself cope and heal pain fits with the spirit of good will that is the nature of this time of year. Watch the video clip and you will learn the healing art handhold for calming anger.  As suggested in the video, send me an e-mail: [email protected] with the subject line: “Forgiveness Exercise” and I will e-mail you a Forgiveness Exercise that offers guidance designed to help you let go resentments. In many years (over 25 years) of applying the wisdom of the stars to real life challenges I have been interested in helping people find tools that will “get the job done.”  The two tools shared in this video have been demonstrated to be effective for hundreds of people.  Warm New Year’s blessings to you and your family.  I hope the activities shared in this month’s Self Care Zodiac Capricorn video will help you navigate the challenging inner hurdles of letting go of past hurts so you experience more hope, caring, and peace in your home and within yourself.