Wednesday Workshop – Reducing Senior Isolation

Wednesday Workshop – Reducing Senior Isolation

Wednesday Workshop – Reducing Senior Isolation

Hello and welcome to our Wednesday Workshop. We all understand that socialization is an essential part of any person’s life. Well, did you know that it’s vital that a person with dementia continue to have meaningful interactions, even as their disease progresses?
Loneliness and social isolation in the elderly have been undoubtedly linked to poor health outcomes. Feelings of loneliness are linked to poor cognitive performance and faster cognitive decline in dementia patients. Also, numerous studies have shown that socially isolated seniors even have a shorter life expectancy.

Talking to others, getting out of the house and sharing experiences are all kinds of social interactions that not only enrich our lives but they can also engage our brains.

To reduce isolation and keep your loved one socially engaged try some of these tips!

1. Take a stroll around a neighborhood or park
It’s healthy to get outside and into nature. Plus, walking is a great exercise for both your health and your brain.

2. Make exercise a group activity
We all need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One way to do this is by exercising a few times a week. Turn your boring exercise routine into a fun and social activity by inviting friends and family to join you and your loved one.

3. Share a meal or eat at a restaurant
By sharing a family meal at home or at a restaurant, your loved one with have the opportunity to interact with people they trust and love. You may need to give family members a few tips on how to properly communicate with the person who has dementia but this type of socialization will likely make the person feel like

4. Take a class or join a group
The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center offers multiple events specifically designed for caregivers and their loved ones to enjoy together like Paint for Fun and Color to Calm. Find out more here!

5. Try adult day care
Many communities offer adult day care, which puts seniors around the same age group into social situations with one another. This can be highly stimulating and fulfilling to your loved one.

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