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Wednesday Workshop – October and Scorpio

Wednesday Workshop – October and Scorpio

Wednesday Workshop- October and ScorpioAs a caregiver you are inevitably faced with times when you need to “Stand Your Ground.”  Family members call and express their opinions about what you “should” be doing, doctors suggest that you could be doing something differently from an approach that has been working just fine and you do not see a need for change, or your care receiver wants to do something that could be harmful to his or her well being.  These are times when (even if you were not born in late October or November) to make the strength of the Scorpios your role model for being confident and ready and able to do what you think is best.  To learn more view this month’s version of The Self Care Zodiac.  Watch this month’s video and see if you can figure out who among the famous people is the Scorpio.  You will also  learn more about how to activate your own personal Scorpio energy.

Download the Self Care Zodiac handout here.

Hattie Parker

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