Wednesday Workshop – Medication Management and Home Delivery

Wednesday Workshop – Medication Management and Home Delivery

Wednesday Workshop- Medication ManagementA few months ago we were talking with pharmacies about what they can do to make life better for people that are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Rich Steinkohl and TJ Dildine have put together a network of independent pharmacies throughout south Florida that are very dedicated to making sure that people with Alzheimer’s are getting the best quality of care and medication, delivered to their own home. “We understand that Alzheimer’s disease is something very difficult to endure and we wanted to find a way to make medication management easier for them”, says Rich Steinkohl.

TJ Dildine is a second generation pharmacist. His father opened Delray Shores Pharmacy in 1975 so TJ grew up in the pharmacy/medication environment. A lot of his father’s patients have become his patients so he’s seen the aging process and how it affects everyone differently. It really pained TJ to see the decline in some of his patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Seeing the burden and stress placed on caregivers has prompted TJ to come up with a solution for medication management. Here’s what he came up with.

Caregivers no longer need to waste time on medication management. TJ has come up with a way to get your medications delivered right to your home, for free. The new program will conveniently package and label all of your medications. The package will replace the veils of pills you have building up in your cabinets. The best part about this service is that it is absolutely free to you! Basically, what they will do is put all the medications for the entire month, organized by day and time, into individual dosages. The patient or caregiver can then easily read what is in the package and take their medication accordingly.

When you call the number, they will simply ask for your name, phone number and zip code. That is all they need. What will happen next is, your information will be shared with the pharmacy that is closest to your home. The pharmacy will call you to schedule an appointment to meet with you in your home. In that time, they will gather the information they need so that they can synchronize your medications.

Your medications will then come to you at the same time every month. The meds will be packaged in a way that if you are supposed to take the medication at bedtime, the packaging will read, “Bedtime”. The purpose of this is to eliminate the possibility of not knowing or not remembering if you took your meds or if you need to take a certain medication. It’s really meant to be a complete service. You will pay the same amount for medications whether you go to Publix, Walgreens or one of their independent pharmacies, the difference is the delivery is free, the packaging is free and the care is priceless.

If you are interested in this service, please call 888-447-0434 or visit Delray Shores Pharamacy website.