Wednesday Workshop – How to Start Meditating for Caregivers

Wednesday Workshop – How to Start Meditating for Caregivers

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Caregiving is a tough job. Sometimes it feels as if we are consumed with caregiving and that can cause a lot of stress. Allowing stresses to build up causes ailments in the body and fatigue in the mind. Daily practice of meditation prevents this build up and heals us at all levels. A few minutes a day of meditation are like gold to caregivers, so with that being said, let’s get started!

First, find a quiet area where you can sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight up. Start with some deep breathing.

Bring your awareness to your thoughts as they come and go. Be aware of how some thoughts move on quickly and some thoughts fade in and out but continuously come back.

Just sit without focus or expectation for a moment. Be completely open to whatever comes into your awareness. Let it come and go, observing stillness. Allow yourself to just be.

Meditation should focus and quiet your mind which will result in a deeper state of self-awareness and thinking. Ultimately you should feel relaxed, renewed and recharged after a meditation.

The practice of meditation has many benefits to you, the caregiver, particularly with stress and anxiety but it is known to also help with boosting the immune system, sleeping longer and deeper and decreasing negative feelings like anger or tension.

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