Wednesday Workshop – How to Manage Difficult Behaviors at Home

Wednesday Workshop – How to Manage Difficult Behaviors at Home

Throughout your journey as an Alzheimer’s caregiver you will likely experience some challenges in caring for your loved one.

Caregivers often find that as the disease progresses, their loved ones behaviors become more complex and more difficult to manage. The things that used to work so well, don’t work anymore and caregivers become frustrated or feel at a loss as to how to help the person they care for.

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center provides education and training, right in your own home, to help you learn how to best manage those behaviors or those situations that are most challenging.

Our training and educational programs are designed to help you help the person you care for, while empowering you to be a healthy and effective caregiver.

For some of our caregivers, we teach effective ways to manage bathing or showering difficulties, while for others we teach how to cope with repetitiveness or the constant desire to leave and wander.

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No matter the challenge, the professionals at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center are here to help. 24 hours per day. 7 days per week. 365 days per year.  Reach out today by calling us at 855-476-7600. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week!