Wednesday Workshop – How to Make Hospital Visits Easier

Wednesday Workshop – How to Make Hospital Visits Easier

Wednesday Workshop – How to Make Hospital Visits Easier

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. A trip to the hospital with a person who has dementia can be stressful for both of you. Planning ahead is key to making an unexpected or planned trip to the hospital easier.

Here are some things you can do today:

1. Discuss hospitalization before it happens.
2. Register your loved one for a Safe Return® bracelet through your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter. People who are lost may be taken to an emergency room. The bracelet will speed up the process of reconnecting you with your loved one.
3. Create an “Emergency Bag”

The “emergency bag” should include important documents and supplies for both of you.

Add important documents such as:

• Your loved one’s preferred name and language
• Contact information for doctors and family members
• Illness or medical conditions
• All current medicines and dosage instructions
• Insurance cards
• Durable Power of Attorney
• Living Will
• Any medicines they’re allergic to
• Any allergies or special diets

You’ll also need some supplies in your “emergency bag”. Here’s a few ideas on what to add:

• A change of comfortable clothes for your loved one
• Extra adult diapers if usually worn
• Comfort objects like a blanket or pillow from home
• A few snacks like crackers and juice
• Maybe some Advil or Tylenol for yourself
• A small amount of cash

By taking these steps in advance, you can reduce the stress and confusion that often accompany a hospital visit.

If your loved one is going to the hospital for a planned stay, you have more time to prepare and get more information from your doctor. Ask your doctor if the procedure can be done as an outpatient visit. If not, ask if tests can be done before going to the hospital to shorten the visit.

To speak with us here at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, feel free to call us at (877) 760-9199. Thanks for watching today’s Wednesday Workshop and we’ll see you again next week!

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