Wednesday Workshop – How to Connect With Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Wednesday Workshop – How to Connect With Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Wednesday Workshop - How to Connect With Your Mom on Mother's Day

How to Connect With Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Today, I’d like to talk about some ways you can connect with your mom this Mother’s Day. If your mom has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you might feel you can’t seem to connect anymore.

The mom you remember from Mother’s day past, isn’t the same as the mom sitting before you now. But there are ways you can re-connect, and things you can do to create a Mother’s day that is filled with moments that matter.

Keeping in mind that your mom’s most recent memory may be from 30 years ago, think back over that time. What were some of the things you did with her all those years ago? Maybe you sat with her at the kitchen table and made a Mother’s day card for your grandma and she helped you color or glue. Did she arrange flowers for the table, bake cookies or a special dessert? You could try to do some of these things with her on this Mother’s day and they could stir a happy memory and bring her joy.

Connecting with Mom in the Advanced Stage of Alzheimer’s

If your mom is in the more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, there are still ways to brighten her day and provide you with opportunities to connect.

Maybe she’d enjoy having you sit beside her while her favorite music plays in the background and you rub softly scented lotion on her hands and arms. She might respond to looking at photos from her childhood, of her and her own mom, or those of you and her when you were a little boy or little girl.

On this Mother’s day, remember that although you might feel you can no longer reach her or connect to her, your mom is still right there.

The best gift you can give her, the one that will have the highest chance of getting thorough, will be the one where you bend down beside her. Hold her hand and speaking softly, look into her eyes and say, Happy Mother’s day mom. I love you!

To contact the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center

Please call us at (877) 760-9199. Thank you for watching today’s Wednesday Workshop and we’ll see you again next week! Happy Mother’s Day!!