Wednesday Workshop ~ How to Choose an Emergency Alert System

Wednesday Workshop – How to Wisely Choose an Emergency Alert System

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. There are many emergency alert devices out there that are available to you and your family. Some are wearable bracelets and some are necklaces but all have 3 main components. The 3 components are a small radio transmitter, a console and an emergency response center that monitors the alerts. With so many emergency alert systems available, what should a caregiver look for when purchasing?

To help you shop for an emergency response system, consider the following suggestions.

  1. Price

Medical alert companies charge a monthly fee for monitoring services. Compare pricing, features and servicing of each system. Also, ask if the price will increase.

  1. Hidden Costs

There should be no up-front costs. Seniors should not have to pay for the transmitter or monitoring console. The systems should be included as part of the monthly fee.

  1. Contracts

Don’t sign a long-term contract. Caregivers and their aging parents should be able to cancel at any time. Read the agreement carefully before signing.

  1. Experience

How long has the company been in business? Portability – Can the system be used when the elder is away from home? Some companies offer a small base unit that is the size of an answering machine.

  1. Ease of Use

Try out the system and make sure it is easy to use. Is the emergency button large and easy for the senior to see and press? Are there any complicated instructions?

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