Wednesday Workshop – How to Avoid Elderly Depression

Wednesday Workshop – How to Avoid Elderly Depression

Wednesday Workshop – How to Avoid Elderly Depression

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. While elderly depression is not a normal outcome of aging, it is a serious issue and one of the most significant barriers to aging well. Luckily, depression in the elderly can be overcome.

There are a few factors that go into maintaining happiness but the number one key to avoiding depression in old age is being involved in personally satisfying activities and relationships. These things give the person a sense of value and give meaning to life.

Ask yourself, “What did my loved one enjoy doing before he/she was diagnosed?” Start there. Use enjoyable activities from the past to achieve some moments of happiness. Did your loved one enjoy talking a walk around the park to feed the birds? Did they like watching movies at the nearby theater? Or, were they content watching the sunset at night? Whatever brought your loved one joy in the past will most likely hold true today.

Some activities that your loved one enjoyed in the past may need to be tweaked now that they are older and their abilities have changed. Physical activities may need to be adjusted to fit the person’s ability. If your loved one enjoyed throwing the football around, then he/she can still enjoy the activity of throwing but instead use a beach ball. Small adjustments like this are great for maintaining a hobby but in a much more appropriate manner. Use your creativity to do the same in other situations!

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