Wednesday Workshop – Hattie Parker: Navigating the World of Your Inner Self

Wednesday Workshop – Hattie Parker: Navigating the World of Your Inner Self

Caregiver Zodiac

Hattie Parker is our guest on today’s Wednesday Workshop and talks about Navigating the Word of Your Inner Self.

How often do you hear people say:  “Take care of yourself!” Today’s Wednesday Workshop is designed to help you know how to do this through understanding yourself better. I am excited to share this content because I find it to be both fun and helpfully accurate. In this series we will be inventing:  The Caregiving Zodiac.  I say “we” because though I am well versed in the application of the zodiac, caregiving is a very individual process and it will only be through collaboration that a system that is truly helpful to caregivers can evolve.  Thus, I invite you engage in co-creating this, a new version of an old system with me. I believe that together we can invent ways to help both our selves and others.  Clearly, your very nature is to be caring and who better to help other caring people gain insight into themselves t

han you the caregivers. Let’s begin with background information. 

The Zodiac: Since the Beginning of Time Until Now

The word “zodiac” refers to the 12 star zodiac constellations within which the moon and planets appear to move. The stars and planets have been used to guide navigating life since the beginning of time. Primitive hunting and gathering societies watched the stars to know when and where to hunt. When these communities transitioned to farming they appointed a Sun Priest to watch the planets and advise about when to plant and harvest. The stars literally helped people survive.  Over centuries stargazing evolved to be the source of daily horoscopes. In the era print newspapers these snippets of guidance were the papers’ most popular feature.

Predictably Unpredictable

Robert DeMarco, long time caregiver for his now deceased mother and the founder of the highly popular Alzheimer’s Reading Room Blog, ( describes the life of a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s as “predictably unpredictable”.  The tradition of consulting the zodiac is based upon watching the predictable (the nature of personalities based upon age old observations) to gain insight for managing the unpredictable (the ups and downs of daily life) is well established.

My Personal Journey wiih Star Inspired Self-Awareness

Many years ago I went to an astrologer for a reading and I left in awe at how she could possibly know so very much about me.  Thus, I began my studies of this fascinating art.  I discovered helpful personal insights and have enjoyed sharing this system for personal growth and insight for over 25 years.

The Caregiving 

Zodiac: Custom Designed

If you are someone who has read or only casually knows about newspaper horoscopes now you may now discover you can glean information that seems to have some uncanny way of being helpful. The basis of astrological insights into how people of the same signs cope with life circumstances has been honed over centuries. The Caregiving Zodiac will be custom designed.  You, who out of your deep sense of love and caring do so much for your care receiver, deserve to know all there is to know about the inner resources you have to bring to sustaining yourself day in and day out.

The Caregiving Zodiac will include guidance for coping with challenges.  During the Wednesday Workshops we will explore topics such as: Why does, for example, Mary, a Libra, tend to be great at being patient and lousy at standing up for herself when talking to the doctor.  All of our sessions will include guidance that will relate to everyone.  We will be sharing about what someone (and anyone of any sign) can do to use this information to become more effective in caring for yourself and your care receiver.

More about The Caregiving Zodiac

Download the Handout for Wednesday Workshop by clicking on the link under the video or by clicking on this link:  The Caregiving Zodiac.  (Note:  This handout shows the months of each sign of the Zodiac. We will follow this calendar in our Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center presentations.)

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