Wednesday Workshop – Getting Rid of Caregiver Guilt

Wednesday Workshop – Getting Rid of Caregiver Guilt

Wednesday Workshop – Getting Rid of Caregiver Guilt

Hello and welcome to our Wednesday Workshop. Usually, the feeling of guilt is normal if a person recognizes their own faults. However, in the case of a family caregiver, guilt seems to arise from a number of perceived faults. It’s actually very common for a caregiver to be overwhelmed by guilt. We’re here to tell you that’s no way to live. Getting rid of your caregiver guilt is paramount because over time, the guilt will contribute to your stress level.

Here are a few things that can potentially reduce or even eliminate your caregiver guilt.

First, realize that you are not a machine. You’re human and you have limitations. Be honest with yourself about how much you can handle. Most caregivers expect too much from themselves but it makes sense because caring for another person is one of the most important jobs we could ever take on. Caregivers think they need to be perfect in order for their loved one to be well cared for. That is not realistic so let it go! Hiring a professional caregiver to pick up the slack is perfectly fine and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. You should know that your loved one is still receiving quality care while you take some time to care for yourself.

Second, educate yourself about the disease your loved one is facing. The more you learn, the better you’ll understand how to care for your loved one is the best way. Don’t be afraid to do some research online or to call for help. Knowledge is power. Sometimes, we feel guilty because we’re not sure how to properly care for a loved one. The more you know the more confident you’ll be when providing care to your loved one, leaving no room for feelings of guilt.

Last, if you have caregiver guilt, realize that it’s imperative that you have someone to talk to that you trust. Most caregivers look to a close family member to vent and talk to but their lack of knowledge of the disease may leave many questions unanswered. Health care professionals and other family caregivers will be able to offer you the most insight. Other family caregivers understand exactly what you go through and exactly what you may be struggling with. A great place to meet other caregivers like yourself is at a support group so keep your eye out for caregiver support groups that will put you in front of many caregivers.

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