Wednesday Workshop ~ Fall Prevention Techniques

Wednesday Workshop – Fall Prevention Techniques for Aging Seniors

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Falls can occur for many different reasons, but there are a number of simple preventative measures that can be taken to significantly reduce a senior’s risk of falling and incurring a serious injury.

Here are some tips for creating a fall-proof environment.

  • Keep all rooms free of clutter, especially the floors. Furniture should be easy to walk around and walkways should be clear. That means no electrical cords, throw rugs or other trip hazards.
  • Keep floor surfaces clean and dry but not slippery.
  • Check that all carpets and area rugs have skid-proof backing or are firmly secured to the floor, including carpeting on stairs.
  • Be sure that all stairwells are adequately lit and have sturdy handrails on both sides. Consider placing fluorescent tape on the edges of each step to avoid missteps.
  • Install grab bars on bathroom walls beside tubs, showers and toilets. For those who tire easily or are unstable on their feet, consider using a transfer bench or shower chair for increased stability.
  • Use a non-slip spray treatment or permanent non-slip strips to provide added traction on the floors of showers and bathtubs.
  • Ensure that light switches are located near the entry points of each room to prevent fumbling in the dark. Another option is to install voice- or sound-activated lamps.
  • Reorganize closets, cabinets and other storage areas to minimize the need to bend down or reach up to retrieve commonly used items.

To learn more or to speak with us here at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center

Feel free to call us at (877) 760-9199 or email us below. Thanks for watching today’s Wednesday Workshop and we’ll see you again next week.


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