Wednesday Workshop – Exercises for People Living With Memory Loss

Wednesday Workshop – Exercises for People Living With Memory Loss

Wednesday Workshop – Exercises for People Living with Memory Loss

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. There are many suitable exercise opportunities that may be beneficial for people in the early or middle-stages of dementia. Local community or sports centers often provide a range of organized exercise and physical activity sessions, such as ball games, seated exercises, tai chi, music and dance, indoor bowling or swimming.


  1. Walking – one of the best exercises around (and it’s free!). Walking around the house, the yard, or outside for any amount of time is wonderful for body and mind. You could even combine the walk by doing an errand together like walking the dog or going to the grocery store.
  2. The sit to stand exercise – strengthens muscles needed for essential activities like using the toilet
  3. Stay balanced in a standing position (hold on to a support when needed) – improves balance and posture, can be a standalone exercise or part of an everyday activity like washing dishes
  4. Sit unsupported for a few minutes each day (with constant supervision to prevent falls) – strengthens the abdominal and back muscles needed for posture
  5. Stretch while lying in bed – move various body parts and stretch stiff muscles, this can be done with assistance or independently


  1. Stretches and/or strength exercises – try a simple chair stretching routine or an easy strength and balance routine
  2. Tai chi – routines that can be adapted for a variety of physical conditions
  3. Gardening – something simple like raking or pulling weeds gives a sense of accomplishment and is a great workout
  4. Household chores – basic chores can be great exercise, like folding laundry, dusting, light vacuuming, or washing the car


  1. Dancing – this is a fun activity that doesn’t feel like exercise. Play your older adult’s favorite dance music at home and lead them in a private dance party in the living room. Or, look for social events at senior centers that include dancing.
  2. Exercise class – some senior centers or similar organizations offer classes specifically for people with dementia
  3. Water exercise – consider going with your older adult to a local class at the YMCA or senior center

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