Wednesday Workshop – Dressing & Grooming a Person with Alzheimer’s

Wednesday Workshop – Dressing & Grooming a Person with Alzheimer’s

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. For the most part, when people feel good about how they look, they feel better. Helping loved one’s with Alzheimer’s disease brush their teeth, shave or put on makeup often means they can feel more like themselves.

Here are some grooming tips for mouth care:

• First, show your loved one how to brush their teeth. Go step-by-step. Remember to let the person do as much as possible on their own.
• Brush your teeth at the same time to show clear examples.
• If your loved one cannot brush their own teeth, then try a long-handled, electric toothbrush to assist.
• Help your loved one clean their dentures and make sure they are using the right cleaning materials.

Additional grooming tips:

• Encourage a female loved one to wear makeup but try to avoid eye makeup. You can assist her with putting on powder, blush and lipstick.
• Encourage a male loved one to shave and definitely help him as needed. Consider using an electric razor for safety.
• Ask friends and family if they know any barbers or hairstylists who may come to the home to make it easier on you, the caregiver.
• Keep your loved one’s nails short by using a nail file for safety, instead of clippers.

When it comes to dressing, people with Alzheimer’s disease will need more time to dress themselves. It can be very difficult for them to choose an outfit. They might wear the wrong clothing for the season (like a sweater in the summer). They may also wear clothes that don’t go together or forget to put on a piece of clothing.

To help your loved one dress themselves:

• Lay out only two or three outfits for your loved one to choose from. Put away all other clothes to reduce the number of distractions.
• Lay out clothes in the order they should be put on. For example, underwear first, then pants, then a shirt and then a sweater.
• Hand the person one piece of clothing at a time or give step-by-step instructions.
• Buy loose-fitting, comfy clothes. Sports bras are comfortable and offer good support. Sweat pants and shorts with elastic waistbands are helpful.
• If your loved one wants to wear the same outfit every day, then buy three or four sets of the same clothes.

To speak with us here at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, feel free to call us at (877) 760-9199. Thanks for watching today’s Wednesday Workshop and we’ll see you again next week!