Wednesday Workshop ~ Choosing the Right Gift for a Loved One with Memory Loss

Wednesday Workshop – Choosing the Right Gift for a Loved One with Memory Loss

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. The holidays are a special time of year for families. It gives family members a time to connect, bond, and make memories. While it can be a little difficult to include a loved one with memory loss like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it’s important to involve them in the celebration.

One awesome way to include your loved one in the celebration is through gift giving. Though, you may be asking, “How do I choose the right gift for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?” Here’s our advice!

There are 3 types of gifts you can give to someone with memory loss:

  • Familiarity gifts
  • Reminiscence gifts
  • The gift of quality time

Familiarity gifts are gifts that matches the person’s lifelong interests. If your loved one always loved to paint, then art supplies would make a great present. Now, keep in mind the level of ability your loved one can perform at. If your loved one is in the early to mid stages of the disease, then you could buy something like a paint-by-numbers set. For people in the later stages of the disease, something like a paint kit would be better, that way they can paint something abstract.

Reminiscence gifts are gifts that center on looking back on memories. These types of gifts are best for people living with early to mid stages of the disease, although they can given to any one at any stage. Examples of this kind of gift are:

  • Popular music on an iPod from their era
  • A photo album of pictures from their childhood and teenage years
  • Old black and white movies or TV shows from their era

And lastly, you can always give your loved one the gift of spending quality time with you. Carve out an afternoon to take your loved one to the park for a stroll, play a game, prepare a meal together, work in the garden, or look through old scrapbooks. Just being there for your loved one shows how much you care.

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