Wednesday Workshop – Chair Exercises for the Elderly

Wednesday Workshop – Chair Exercises for the Elderly

Wednesday Workshop – Chair Exercises for the Elderly

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Exercise is vital for people of all ages for maintaining health, preventing injuries, and lowering risks of heart diseases. Having exercise routines readily available will help give you a jump start towards better health.

  1. Front Arm Raises
  • Begin seated, holding a ball in both hands with your palms facing each other.
  • Extend your arms forward so the ball rests on your legs, with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Slowly raise your arms to lift the ball to shoulder level, then lower back down, taking about 3 seconds to raise and lower. Repeat 10-15 times.
  1. Seated Shin Strengthener
  • Begin seated on the edge of a chair with legs extended, heels on the floor and knees slightly bent.
  • Point your toes downward, then flex upward.
  • Do 15 repetitions, relax, then do 15 more repetitions.
  1. Pliés
  • Hold the back of a chair. Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, while pointing toes outward slightly.
  • Bend your knees slowly, using 2 full seconds to lower yourself. Adjust leg position if needed to keep legs far enough apart so the knees don’t pass your toes as you bend.
  • Perform 8 times, then rest. Perform another set, doing as many as you can do in good form.

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