Capturing and Preserving Special Moments & Memories With the Alzheimer’s Patient

Capturing and Preserving Special Moments & Memories With the Alzheimer’s Patient

Milestone Memories

Alzheimer’s disease is horrible. It robs the patient of their memories and while doing so, robs us of our ability to reminisce with them.

I once heard Nancy Reagan say that one of the saddest things she faced as her husband slipped away, was that she had no one to share her memories with. Most of her happiest memories in her life were tied directly to the times, events and special moments she shared with her husband, our former President.

When I heard this, it made me pause and reflect on just how very true this is.  So many of our life events are tied so closely with the people we love, and although our loved one will eventually forget these times that will remain so very important to us, there are some things we can do as caregivers to preserve these moments for ourselves.

Maybe it won’t happen right away, maybe it will be too painful, but at some point, we may find great comfort in looking back at some of the happy times we spent with the person that has Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center has partnered with ElderCare at Home to help our clients and their families’ capture, preserve and share those events in their lives that are so very precious.  Every family has stories to tell and memories to preserve.  We call this program “Milestone Memories” and it’s a wonderful way to help capture those moments and celebrate the wonderful life of your loved one.

Each month, members of our Milestone Memories have the opportunity to participate in a fun, theme-based, and cognitively stimulating activity, right in their own home! We also help capture, celebrate and preserve those very special events like birthdays, anniversary’s and family reunions.

Just recently we spent an hour or two interviewing and laughing and recording as one of our patients as he looked back, reflected and shared some of the happiest times in his life.   Once he loses those memories forever, the DVD that we added pictures, memorabilia, music and other special effects to, will become treasured by his family for generations to come.

Just because someone you love has Alzheimer’s disease, doesn’t mean the window of opportunity to capture and preserve those special moments together has ended.  To learn more about our Milestone Memories program, reach out by calling ElderCare at Home at 561-585-0400 or visiting our website at