Wednesday Workshop – A Guide to Making Tough Caregiving Decisions

Wednesday Workshop – A Guide to Making Tough Caregiving Decisions

Wednesday Workshop – A Guide to Making Tough Caregiving Decisions

Hello and welcome to today’s Wednesday Workshop. Caregiving decisions can be hard to make. They are often complicated, involving many different factors. Consequences can affect other people’s lives and health—usually people who are very important to you. They often involve unfamiliar, unexpected circumstances. And they almost always come with time pressures, emotional pressures, and stress.

Here’s a short guide to help you make those tough caregiving decisions.

  1. Get the family involved.

Involve as many family members as possible in the decision-making process. Some family members may be able to see the situation more objectively than the stressed caregiver. Other family members can help get a caregiver to open up and start talking about a problem that may have been silently tearing him or her apart. Multiple people can come up with more ideas and information—and can share the information-gathering tasks.

One essential family member to include is the care receiver. His or her perspective on the problem will differ from everyone else’s and add important insights. And involving them in decision-making, to the extent their capabilities permit, will increase the likelihood of their agreeing to the decision itself.

  1. Figure out what you need to accomplish.

Too many families skip this step. If appointments need to be set up, than assign a family member to handle that task. Delegate other tasks to family members who are willing to assist. In order for your decision to work effectively, everyone in the family has to keep the same goals in mind and pull in the same direction.

  1. Implement your decisions.

After reaching your decision, make a plan to put it into effect. Make a list of which steps to take, in which order, and who should take them. Write down your action plan, so you can measure its progress and effectiveness down the road.

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