Wednesday Workshop ~ 7 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall

Wednesday Workshop – 7 Things That Cause the Elderly to Fall

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Workshop. Among the elderly population, falls are the leading cause of death, injury and hospital admissions. Falls are a big problem for aging seniors. Understanding why older individuals are at an increased risk can help family caregivers take the proper precautions to keep their loved ones safely on their feet.

Here are some factors that contribute to elderly falls.

  1. Lack of physical fitness

Inactivity and lack of exercise result in reduced muscle strength, decreased bone mass, reduced flexibility and loss of balance and coordination, which can lead to falls.

  1. Impaired vision

Age-related eye diseases can make it difficult, if not impossible, to detect fall hazards, such as steps, puddles and thresholds.

  1. Medication

A wide variety of medications can increase a senior’s risk of falling. Side-effects, such as drowsiness, dizziness and low blood pressure, can all contribute to an accident.

  1. Illnesses and Diseases

Health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis cause weakness in the extremities, poor grip strength, balance disorders and cognitive impairment.

  1. Surgical Procedures

Hip replacements and other surgeries can leave an elderly person weak, in pain and discomfort, and less mobile than they were before the procedure.

  1. Environmental Hazards

Environmental factors such as poor lighting, clutter, areas of disrepair, loose carpets, slick floors and lack of safety equipment can jeopardize a senior’s safety in their home.

  1. Behavioral Hazards

A person’s fall risk is influenced by their unique lifestyle and behaviors. This includes the types of activities they engage in, the level of physical demand these activities require, and their willingness and ability to adapt their routine for enhanced safety.

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