Wednesday Workshop ~ 4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet for Your Loved One

Wednesday Workshop ~ 4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet for Your Loved One

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Just because someone has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related conditions, it’s doesn’t always mean that they need to give up their pet. Here are 4 things caregiver’s should consider when thinking about a pet for their aging loved one.

1.  Is your loved one set in their ways? If your loved one is not a fan of change then it’s probably not a good idea to introduce a new pet into their life.

2.  Has your loved one owned a pet in the past? It’s always best to have some experience before committing to own a pet.

3.  Does your loved one have any physical disabilities? For active seniors, a dog can be a great companion. For those who live with a disability, a cat may be a better option because they require much less physical care.

4.  Are finances an issue? There’s a smart phrase that goes like this – “If you can’t pay the vet, don’t get the pet!” Pets cost money, especially if they get sick. Make sure the pet will bring joy and happiness instead of financial stress.

There may come a time when you have to consider finding a new home for a pet, if the person with dementia can’t cope anymore. Signs that pet care may be becoming too much include accidents in the home (because the owner forgets to let the animal out regularly), or if the pet starts putting on or losing weight (it’s not being fed properly). Maybe the person with dementia is beginning to complain about their cat or dog themselves – this is another indication that they too, have had enough.

To learn more or to speak with us here at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, Feel free to call us at (561) 588-4545. Thanks for watching today’s Wednesday Workshop and we’ll see you again next week!

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