Trusted Long-term In Home Elderly Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

Even when you are the primary caregiver for a loved one, there will be times that long-term in home elderly care in West Palm Beach, Florida is needed. Perhaps a chronic illness has affected your loved one’s health to the point that additional help is the only way you can avoid wearing yourself out. This is also a desired course of action after returning home from surgery, especially with the number of outpatient surgeries taking place these days!

In some situations your loved one is only released from the hospital or nursing home if you guarantee the treatment required for recovery is available. A nurse may need to tend to wounds. A physical therapist can demonstrate the exercises needed to strengthen muscles and bones while verifying they are done.

That’s why Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center is such a valuable asset. The Geriatric Care Manager is a trusted resource concerning long-term in home elderly care in West Palm Beach, Florida. The information is even more valuable when dementia or Alzheimer’s are part of your loved one’s medical history. An assessment of the situation, including the doctor’s orders, directs them to the proper support.

A caregiver can help with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and shopping. Narrow the job applicants down to two or three finalists. Then spell out exactly what is expected as far as responsibilities and behavior. Review the job description and make sure it is understood by the applicant. A primary rule is that they cannot bring another person into the home. The caregiver should put the cell away while on duty; talking or texting is too distracting. These are valid safety concerns.

The GCM, job applicant and primary caregiver should all review and sign the agreement. Make a copy for each party. Periodic reviews of health care services for your loved one will be done by the GCM and a report given to the primary caregiver. Discover how long-term in home elderly care in West Palm Beach, Florida improves the quality of life for your loved one. Call Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center today at 800-209-4342.