Therapeutic Thursday – Eliminate Your Ego: Ways Your Ego Will Try to Destroy You

Therapeutic Thursday – Eliminate Your Ego: Ways Your Ego Will Try to Destroy You

Therapeutic Thursday – Eliminate Your Ego - Ways Your Ego Will Try to Destroy You

Therapeutic Thursday – Eliminate Your Ego: Ways Your Ego Will Try to Destroy You

Now, the word “destroy” sounds kind of dramatic, but that is literally what your ego wants to do. It will do ANYTHING it can to keep you from making progress, to keep you from being successful, to keep you from moving forward and to stay stuck right here, right now. It will do whatever is necessary to keep you stuck in your current state, your current reality.

Ways your ego will try to destroy you

Ego Trick #1: Making You Feel Sleepy or Groggy

Say, you want to create something new. You want to create a new business, a side project. And every time you want to go work on it though, you just find yourself saying: “I’ll just work on it later. I’m tired.”

That’s ego. It’s a little sneaky trick ego LOVES to do, which is make you THINK you’re tired any time you try to do something new or something outside your comfort zone.

Ego Trick #2: Making You Disinterested

This is another sneaky trick. Something shows up that you truly want to do, but then, immediately you think: “Nah, it doesn’t really matter.”

It literally fires off in your mind or in your body somewhere. Your soul knows you want it, but as soon as your ego sees that, it reacts:

“No, progress! No, you don’t want that! You don’t care. You’re too cool.”

That’s another way that the ego will show up.

Ego Trick #3: Making You Put Less Important Things First

The third one is that it will have you stack LESS important tasks on top of the MORE important tasks. So the most important, highest leverage thing you could do every day will also always be the most frightening, the most TERRIFYING, and the most ego-activating thing. But, that’s always where the GOLD is. That’s always where the most transformation is. That’s always where the most progress is.

The simplest thing to do is to take your most difficult thing, the thing you’re dreading the most and do it FIRST every single day, knowing that, every time, you’re actually crushing your ego, slowly and surely, taking control of your own progress.

Now, those are some of the most basic ones.

But what I want to talk about is something that I personally experienced very in-depth. And, in my mind it’s the TRICKIEST, the most despicable thing the ego will do.

 Ego Trick #4 – The Worst Trick of The Ego

What the ego will do when faced with the situation is it will invade your mind and have you think about the worst case scenario as if it’s the most probable!

What does the ego do? It invades your mind. It takes the worst case scenario. It puts it right in front of your face and then it has you live into that:

“This is what’s going to happen!”

Unless you can take this advice, see it for what it is and recognize it when it happens!

So say you’re starting a new, challenging thing in your life. Say, you want to start your own business and you’re not really sure if you should pull the trigger. It’s going to take an investment. It’s going to take you going all in!

Well, what’s probable is that you’ll struggle and succeed the same way you’ve struggled and succeeded and been provided for, and always been able to pay the bills every other point in your life.

But, what the ego is going to say is that: “You’re going to die. You’re going to live on the streets. You’re going to be poor. It’s not going to work. Nobody is going to want this thing you’re doing. And, your life is just going to be over.” And you start and look at that as if it’s a REAL possibility.

So, recognize this when it is happening and toss it out! This will empower you to get past your ego and to create the life that you want.

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