The Reef for Male Caregivers ~ Why You Need Time Away from Caregiving

The Reef for Male Caregivers – Why You Need Time Away from Caregiving

Hello and welcome. Before caregiving, there was a time when being alone maybe felt a little scary. There were times when you felt bored or lonely. Since diagnosis, time seems to be moving faster and faster, leaving us little to no time for ourselves anymore.

Here are 3 important reasons to make time to be alone again:

  1. Maintain a healthy identity

Maintaining our identity is important. We never want to get too attached to someone that we lose who we are in the process. Knowing who we are, our hopes and our dreams are crucial to maintaining our identity.

  1. Time to listen to your soul

It’s easy to neglect who we are and what we have to offer the world. Taking time to hear what our soul has to say is important. This can be found through a spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, or reflection.

  1. Replenish rather than burnout

Running ourselves into the ground or becoming irritable with our partner due to lack of space can cause a quick burnout. Think about it, we have expectations for how we want our day to look and ourselves to feel. Another person can’t read our minds and follow-through on all of our expectations, so in one way or another, we will burn ourselves out trying to compromise with another person’s time and desires. Spending time alone helps us replenish so that we can avoid burnouts and maintain a healthy relationship.

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