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The Reef for Male Caregivers – Making Time for Yourself as a Male Caregiver

The Reef for Male Caregivers – Making Time for Yourself as a Male Caregiver

The Reef for Male Caregivers – Making Time for Yourself as a Male Caregiver

Hello and welcome. Most caregivers like the idea of “me time”, but are usually convinced that they will not be able to find it. You can! Today, we’re giving you tips to help you find the “me time” all caregivers need.

Spending time alone actually has many benefits besides just being able to relax. Here are some of them:

  • Refresh and rejuvenate yourself
  • Enjoy doing things you love
  • Quiet time helps you sort through problems
  • You can get more done

To find more time of solitude in your life, try these 3 tips!

  1. Schedule a day to yourself.

Take a good look at your calendar and figure out a day that you can “take off”. Schedule your “me time” in advance so that you can make the proper preparations. You’ll need to ask a friend or family member to take over your caregiving responsibilities that day. On your scheduled day, do things that rejuvenate your spirit whether it be going to see a friend, watching the sunset, creating art or having a meal at your favorite restaurant. Do something for yourself!

  1. Create a space in the home just for you.

This is usually pretty easy for men since the idea of the “man cave” became popular. The idea is to have a special place in the home just for you, the caregiver. It can be a spare room, the garage or just a corner of the home dedicated for you. Decorate your area with things that put a smile on your face like family photos, your favorite collectables or even your favorite scented candle. When you need a break, retreat to your space for a few minutes of solitude.

  1. Hire someone to help.

There are tons of trained caregivers who are willing to step in when you need time to yourself. Look into services that provide respite care for caregivers like you! The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center offers companion services that could help you and your loved one.

For more information or to contact us here at the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center

Please call (877) 760-9199 or email us below. Thanks for joining us today and we’ll see you again next month!


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