The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center: Helping to Make the Unbearable, Bearable

Alzheimer's Caregivers West Palm BeachWhen we started the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, we knew that we wanted to create a place where caregivers could go that focuses solely on meeting THEIR needs.

What has surprised us so far is just how many caregivers need help. I’m not talking about the help they get when they send their loved one to day care or when the Doctor changes a prescription to a more effective medication, I’m talking about the help they need to make the unbearable, bearable.

Leaving the physician’s office armed with brochures and fliers that are supposed to serve as “resources”, or having a professional nurse or social worker make a home visit or two, is just not enough.

Caregivers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other cognitive impairments are facing huge challenges, emotionally, financially, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Every day brings something new and thoughts of future can be frightening. If an unexpected crisis occurs the repercussions, and how they will affect both the patient and the caregiver can be dramatic and life-changing in so many ways.

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center helps caregivers make the unbearable, bearable. The first step is to simply reach out. We are here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

To learn more, call us anytime at 


Caregiver Crisis Line 855-476-7600

and remember, you are not alone.