Thank you Sandy Halperin for Your Kind Words…

Thank you Sandy Halperin for Your Kind Words…
Sandy Halperin, DDS

I was honored and humbled to receive this lovely recommendation today from an amazing man I have come to know through LinkedIn and Facebook.

Sandy Halperin, DDS, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, works incredibly hard to not only decrease the stigma often associated with it, but he unselfishly shares his experiences with all of us.  Thank you so much Sandy!

“It has been an extraordinary pleasure for me to get to know Elayne Forgie on LinkedIn and to observe all of her insightful and productive efforts with regards to Alzheimer’s disease.

From what I have learned, Elayne has been a professional geriatric care manager for more than 21 years and she was a founding Board Member of the Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association – and she is the president and founder of the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center in South Florida, ElderCare at Home and

Elayne continues to set the highest of standards and care for Alzheimer’s patients, and as a person with early-stage Alzheimer’s, this is incredibly comforting.

Elayne’s efforts on a daily basis to keep folks up-to-date with issues related to Alzheimer’s is so appreciated with regards to awareness, decrease in stigma related to the disease, the concern for the millions of caregivers, etc.

Thank you Elayne for all that you do – it does not go at all unnoticed”.

Alexander Sandy Halperin, DDS