Short-term In Home Elderly Care in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

A primary caregiver should be prepared for anything. There will be times when life feels like one giant earthquake that just doesn’t stop rolling. Your loved one may discuss care options such as short-term in home elderly care in Port Saint Lucie, Florida on Wednesday and by Friday, raise his or her hands towards the sky and scream vehemently that the hospital is the only place to be when sick or injured.

Talk with your loved one again about what his or her wishes in the event of an illness or injury. Record the conversation or put it on paper. Avoid putting words in your loved one’s mouth. What you think is the right course of action might not fall in line with your loved one’s ideas.

As a caregiver, you already know how difficult it is to make tough decisions. Even in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, change is upsetting. You may have had to move your loved one to a different room to make it easier for them to get to the bathroom or be nearer to your room. Even though it was a good decision, your loved one is likely still grumbling about it. For your own peace of mind, have that talk regarding short-term in home elderly care in Port Saint Lucie, Florida so you do the right thing.

Have a DNR notarized to avoid conflict in the family. If your loved one wants everything possible done to restore breathing, have that option notarized, as well. The Geriatric Care Manager may know of an inexpensive or free notary service.

You and your loved one have gotten over the shock of the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. This might be a good time to let the rest of the family, close friends, and the church family know about it. Call the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center to talk about short-term in home elderly care in Port Lucie, Florida. Ask for suggestions on how to tell others about the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Contact them today at 800-209-4342.