Self Care Zodiac and the Sign of Taurus

Self Care Zodiac and the Sign of Taurus

Navigating the World of the Inner Self: Self-Care Zodiac and the Sign Taurus  (April 20 – May 20, 2013) 

How Bullish Energy Can Help CaregiversSelf Care Zodiac Taurus

EVERYONE is influenced by the Sun and everyone has a bullish stubborn streak.  So even if you were not born under the sun sign of Taurus this applies to you.

Taurus Sun energy is characterized by the symbol of the bull. The symbol, similar to people born with a Taurus Sun, is about being determined to have what you want.  In the context of the belief that we create our own reality, focusing on having what you want seems sensible. I blog for the general public about using Taurus energy wisely, suggesting that now is a good time to focus on clarifying and accomplishing goals would make sense.

However in the Alzheimer’s care giving world you are constantly faced with accepting realities and circumstances that are often far from what you want for your life.  Thus you might find you just want to tell me to,  “Hush up!”  In the Self Care Zodiac Taurus, energy is related to “intention”, and this has plenty to do with being an effective caregiver.

Set an Intention: A Self–Care Upgrade

During this astrological month you can use it to your advantage by becoming bullish about an intention to take better care of yourself.  Think of one small thing you can do to improve your self-care, for example, drink more water, take daily walks, eat fewer calories, or a myriad of other small changes you can make to upgrade your self care. (Check out the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center’s YouTube channel, including my Wednesday Workshops, if you want suggestions.) The Bullish Taurus Sun will rise each and everyday for the next 26 days.  It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. There is plenty of time to implement and establish a new and improved habit to self-care.  Set your self-care intention and commit to doing it daily.  In 21 days you will have a new healthy habit!

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More insights into applying Taurus Bull energy to care giving can be found on Hattie’s 4/24 Wednesday Workshop.