Respite Nursing Care in Sunrise, Florida

One of the catch phrases that describes a very important service to primary caregivers is respite care. Respite nursing care in Sunrise, Florida is a way to provide a break for a caregiver whose loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The reason it is offered is to keep the caregiver from having a stress-related mental or physical breakdown.

Your loved one may look at you as though you are abandoning him or her. Your heart may be breaking as you walk out the door to have your hair done or visit with friends. Respite care is an important period of separation. You will actually have uninterrupted time to think of why you want to be the caregiver. Upon your return, you’ll feel refreshed and able to handle the next block of time with enthusiasm, kindness and love.

Families in a care plan with ElderCare at Home are surprised to see a note about respite nursing care in Sunrise, Florida. Without it, you would get suggestions from health professionals and friends about the need for a few hours away from the taxing role of primary caregiver.

Know that you are taking this break for the benefit of your loved one. It truly is part of the care plan for the family. Any criticism is the result of ignorance. The team at ElderCare at Home is there to support you during moments of panic or doubt. A simple call will bring support during this dilemma.

It is comforting to know that counseling and coaching are available. When something happens that you do not understand there is someone to turn to for guidance. Treat your loved one with kindness and respect. Ask about support groups that will bring even more understanding of why others act as they do. Find out more about respite nursing care in Sunrise, Florida by calling 561-585-0400.