Private Nursing Care at Home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Quite a few of today’s new senior citizens have enough set aside to take care of small co-pays for medical care. They usually have a supplemental plan to cover Medicare gaps. Medical insurance does not cover everything, however. A healthy person pays thousands of dollars annually for “in case” premiums. The return might be just a checkup and flu shot. That is good news. The shock comes when a situation requires extra expenses, such as private nursing care at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Independence takes a back seat when a loved one needs assistance. Family members and friends step in to help by providing transportation to the doctor. Preparing meals ahead of time or doing a quick load of laundry is a help. Qualified medical care is something that must be chosen carefully. You are bringing a stranger into the home and trusting them with a precious human life.

This is the time to contact a professional service like ElderCare at Home for private nursing care at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. An evaluation will determine if a home care giver is appropriate in your loved one’s situation. If a nurse is required in the beginning, there are several options.

RNs supervise home health aides and companions. Stroke and wound care as well as diabetes and Alzheimer’s care are part of their field of expertise. LPNs adhere to the doctor’s orders for care and help the patient learn self-care techniques such as pain management. Both of these professionals are qualified to perform respite care, giving the primary caregiver a needed break to handle other matters.

The care manager reviews the progress so changes in care are made as needed. Other types of assistance may be needed, such as a wheelchair, walker or porch ramp. Your home care agency will provide contact names and numbers, in addition to being an advocate when needed. ElderCare at Home is prepared to offer the best services for your needs. To set an appointment regarding private nursing care at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, call now at 561-585-0400.