New Wednesday Workshop Series – Caregiver Conversations™

New Wednesday Workshop Series – Caregiver Conversations™

Caregiver Conversations Alzheimer's Conversations West Palm BeachToday’s Wednesday Workshop introduces our new series – Caregiver Conversations™.

Caring for a person that suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia is a tough job, but you’re not alone.  There are so many caregivers that are facing some of the same challenges that you are.

Although everyone’s experience is different, we all share the need to care for ourselves, as well as our loved one.  Sometimes that means asking the tough questions and making tough decisions. Other times it means we just need to surround ourselves with other caregivers that are empathetic and familiar with the road on which we’re traveling.

It is our hope that you enjoy these Caregiver Conversations™ and that they stir you to not only remember that you are not alone, but that they make you feel safe, comfortable and confident to relax, renew and reach out.  Enjoy!

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