Wednesday Workshop – Navigating the World of Your Inner Self

Wednesday Workshop – Navigating the World of Your Inner Self

Navigating the World of Your Inner SelfToday’s Wednesday Workshop: “The 3.5 Minute Self-Help Energizer” is the first workshop of a monthly series.  The series will focus on supporting you in getting to know yourself better and empowering you to feel good about yourself.  The goal is for you to gain enhanced inner strength for “going the distance” as a caregiver.

However, before we begin to focus on the self-awareness, inner journey material, I want to prepare you with a “toolkit” for the road.  Thus, I am sharing a self-help exercise (“tool”). I recommend you adopt using this as a daily practice. It is something I do every morning before I get out of bed.  It only takes 3.5 minutes and is a way to start your day by affirming to yourself (actions speak louder than words) that you are committed to helping yourself.

The video explains this exercise and you can download handouts for a handy reference.  As it is relatively simple to perform, you will be likely to be able to begin using it immediately.

In the Wednesday Workshop video I do not tell you the benefits of this practice that are shared below.  In the Japanese healing art from which this exercise is taken it is called “The Main Central Vertical.” It is an overall tune up for the whole being that energizes one’s life force.  Because this is so powerful it is the very first exercise taught to students and practitioners of this art.

Expressly for caregivers I have added visualizing a Water Lily image to this practice as a way offer a mind set aid for caregivers to remember to focus on a positive thinking. I have renamed it the “3.5 Minute Self-Help Energizer” to make it clear that it is not a time consuming activity.  I recommend you have a time when you commit to practicing self-help daily.  If you already have such a routine explore how adding this exercise will enhance what you are already doing.   You can also practice this anytime you need a “pick me up.”

Listed below are some of the specific body, mind & spirit benefits. (You will also find this information on the handout that you can download)

Step 1:           a.)  Anchors your physical and mental self–  (The Water Lily Pond

b.)  Calms Worrying & Improves Memory

Step 2:             Supports Mental Clarity

Step 3:             Revitalizes Your Brain

Step 4:             Releases Grief

Step 5:             Balances Mind & Body

Step 6:             Restores Your Nervous System

Step 7:             a.)  Draws Energy Down to Your Legs and Feet

b.)  Completes the Circle of Energetic Well-Being

I hope you enjoy using this exercise and to realize the maximum benefit from this exercise I strongly encourage you to commit to using it as a daily practice.

Hattie Parker, MS Ed, RYT is a Feel Good Empowerment Coach.  You can learn more about her at or watch our video on YouTube. Here is the download sheet that corresponds with the 3.5 Minute Self-Help Energizer.