Monday Mojo – Taking Time Away From Caregiving – Give Yourself a Break!

Monday Mojo – Taking Time Away From Caregiving – Give Yourself a Break!

Alzheimer's Caregivers BlogIn the last of this series we addressed ways to go about taking time away from your caregiver duties.  Let’s just revisit those for a few moments:

  • Schedule – Take care to schedule your time off.  Try to make it a regular (weekly) occurrence, and preferably on the same day/time.  This gives you something to look forward to!
  • Cover yourself!  – Whether there is another family member, friend or agency personnel that will be staying with your loved one, be sure you schedule the coverage well ahead of time.  Waiting until you are worn-thin and trying to find “last minute coverage” will only add to your stress level and cause you to more easily forego taking the time off!
  • Choose someone you are comfortable leaving your loved one with!  Be sure you have all the necessary emergency numbers, instructions for care and feeding well laid out.  If you leave nothing to chance, you can be sure your Alzheimer’s patient is receiving excellent care while you’re away.  This will lend to your peace of mind and relaxation!

Don’t use your time away for catching-up on your caregiver responsibilities!!!  NO doing laundry, errands, bills, grocery shopping, etc.  This should be time that is exclusively R&R for you!  I always scheduled a half day on Fridays to go and get a mani/pedi.  It was relaxing and I returned feeling refreshed and renewed!  Perhaps you like to golf, shop, wander antique shops or flea markets.  Or how about taking the time for a movie or having lunch with a friend?  Whatever you choose, be sure it is something that is just for you!

Once you get into the habit of scheduling time away, you’ll find it will be in invaluable tool in maintaining your physical, mental and spiritual health.  Remember, you must take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else!

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