Monday Mojo – Staying Connected With Friends Via Facebook, Skype & The Telephone

Monday Mojo – Staying Connected With Friends Via Facebook, Skype & The Telephone

Monday Mojo - Staying Connected With Friends & FamilySometimes being a caregiver for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be a very lonely experience.  You might find that you’re forced to be home-bound for a week or two, or perhaps you aren’t able to join your friends for lunch or dinner. One of the worst things caregivers often experience is a feeling of isolation.

As you start THIS week, make it a point to recognize how important it is to stay connected to your friends and family.  Vow to reach-out, in whatever way you can.

There’s nothing like picking up the phone and actually spending some time speaking to the people you care about, but the fact is, sometimes that’s just not possible.

Consider using Facebook as a way of staying connected.  It’s a great way to share little tid-bits of things that are happening in your life.  You can share photos and even have a private conversation via texting. And if you’re concerned about privacy, there are ways to set up your account to make sure that only the people you choose to communicate and share with are connected to you!

Skype is another great way to stay connected!  This computer based video conferencing program allows you to actually see the person you’re talking to in real-time.  Not exactly the same as “being there” in person, but it’s the next best thing!
Caregivers need and deserve the opportunity to socialize with family and friends.  If you can’t get out of the house this week, make it a point this week to pick up the phone, turn on the computer and spend some time socializing on Facebook or Skype or send a text message with your cell phone!  Just make it a point to touch-base and chat with someone you care about!

If you would like some help setting up your own Facebook account or other social media account, we’d be happy to help!  Call us at 588-4545!  Have a great week and we’ll see you next Monday!