Monday Mojo- STAYcations

Monday Mojo- STAYcations

Monday Mojo- STAYcationSo I know you’re probably wondering, “What is a staycation?” Well a staycation is a period of time in which a person or family stays home and participates in leisure activities at home or within a short driving distance. Basically, a staycation is a vacation that you take in your own home that is an economical alternative to a conventional vacation. Instead of jetting off to Disney World or some exotic island, a staycation might consist of barbecuing around the backyard pool, visiting a nearby museum or taking a relaxing trip to the beach or park. This kind of respite is beneficially to busy people, like caregivers, who can’t take a lot of time off of work or don’t have enough money to plan a big trip. Staycations are far less costly than a vacation involving traveling. There are no lodging costs and minimal travel expenses. A staycation also allows time for respite. Caregivers need to remember to take some time for themselves, to relax and recharge so that they may provide the best care possible to their patients.

Here are a few ideas on activities you might enjoy on your next staycation:

Visit a nearby museum or planetarium

Read the new best-selling book

Take a scenic train ride

Have a movie marathon

Visit a water park

Scrapbook old pictures

Check out a concert

Take the kids to the zoo

Swim or tan by the pool

Enjoy breakfast in bed

Watch the sunset with your family

Take photos of nature

Try camping outside

Go bowling or fishing

Build a tree house with the kids

Finish a puzzle

Come up with a new recipe your family will love

Take a long nap

Spend the day on the beach

Go for a bike ride

Relax and read at the local library

Or Have a wine tasting party with a few close friends

Whatever you decide to do make sure it’s something that you will enjoy. It’s a good idea to give the staycation a start and end date and devote as much of the time in between to relaxing, having fun and breaking out of a rut. Like any vacation, staycation or traditional, you have to unplug. Unplug from work, from your chores and from the daily compulsion to get things done. Let things go for a few days, you deserve it! The most important thing to remember is to take time for yourself!

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Thank you for joining me today and have a great week ahead!