Monday Mojo – Life’s a Picnic! Ignore the Ants!

Monday Mojo – Life’s a Picnic! Ignore the Ants!

Wednesday Workshop Life is a Picnic!  Or so the saying goes. As caregivers we sometimes feel that our days are marked by sameness. Nothing new to look forward to when we wake up. Nothing seems to change – day in and day out. No happy smiles on the red checkered picnic blanket, no basket filled with fried chicken and yummy picnic food. It’s actually true that life is what you make of it! Think about what you can do today to make a change and brighten up your day.

While our Alzheimer’s loved one will not necessarily recognize the tedium of every day, and may not feel the doldrums of repetitiveness, they will be excited by any small variance in their daily routine.

Perhaps you can have a picnic lunch out on the patio! Can you possibly take your Alzheimer’s patient for a short stroll outdoors, or a ride in the car to get an ice cream cone? How about to visit a near-by relative, or playing a game of BINGO? While these small events will bring a big smile to your loved-one’s face, they will also give you a sense of life outside your four walls! You’ll find that a small change in your routine a couple times a week will lift your spirits and give you a renewed sense of passion about your caregiver duties!

And what about those pesky ‘ants’? They symbolize your inner voice saying ‘I can’t’ rolling through your head! I can’t take her out. He won’t want to go. I don’t know what to do with him or what activity he likes. These are the ‘ants’ that keep you locked up in your house – day in and day out, stuck in your everyday sameness. I guarantee, any outing, no matter how small, can and will be a fun change of pace. It also keeps everyone ‘moving’ which is great for the Alzheimer’s patient.

At this particular moment in time you are the caregiver. That is your reality. But, that does not mean you cannot find ‘picnic moments’ in each and every day. Don’t let anyone tell you – you can’t!

Remember life IS a picnic, ignore the ants! Just go for it. Make a conscience effort to change it up and make each day as interesting as can be!