Monday Mojo ~ How a Few Minutes of Me Time Can Reduce Your Stress

Monday Mojo ~ How a Few Minutes of Me Time Can Reduce Your Stress

It may feel like we are always on the go and running from one thing to another, but you should schedule and find some time to relax and when you do get those few minutes. It can do you wonders and reduce your stress, so that you feel more focused and refreshed. So, how can a few minutes of “me time” help you to relax?

Taking a little me time can help your brain reboot and unwind. If you are always on the go then your brain doesn’t have the time to replenish itself. When you take a few moments to be by yourself with no distractions, you can clear your mind.

When you take some me time, you will feel better about yourself and those around you. You won’t feel as irritable and you will have better control over your emotions, which will then improve your mood.

You can reduce your stress when you take time for yourself, which will lead to better sleep, the ability to handle things better and you will feel better in general about yourself and others.

Here are 10 Ways to Spend Your Me Time

  1. Read a book for enjoyment
  2. Listen to your favorite music
  3. Meditate to bring a sense of calm
  4. Take a short walk or sit outside
  5. Take your time and enjoy a cup of calming tea
  6. Write down your thoughts and feelings or what you are grateful for
  7. Soak in a bath
  8. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure
  9. Practice aromatherapy. Scents can help you to relax
  10. Give yourself a pep talk and refocus your mind and attitude.

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