Monday Mojo for Caregivers – Unleashing Your Full Potential

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – Unleashing Your Full Potential

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – Unleashing Your Full Potential

Hello and welcome to Monday Mojo for Caregivers.

STEP 1. Embrace change, embrace your incredible ability to adapt, learn and relearn. See change with new eyes, eyes that help you reset default thinking patterns.  Recognize that change is not a problem; it is our greatest opportunity to adapt, learn, evolve and lead forward. Push yourself to make a positive change in thinking. A small change made consistently is powerful and leads to BIG changes.

STEP 2. Turn failure, challenges and stressors around by making everything a learning and growing experience. Change your head space, think counter-intuitively because success is often born out of failure or challenges.  Develop an attitude for gratitude, not only for what you have but for the very challenges you face.  Cultivate the art of failing forward!  Model failing forward, use it to transform failures into positive learning experiences.

STEP 3. You are your thoughts. Use them carefully to live, learn and lead forward. Get provocative with your thoughts by turning them around! Refocus and repurpose.   See challenges and strengths with NEW eyes. Understand that your world is your thoughts; your consciousness creates your world.

STEP 4. Drown out the noise and refocus on what is truly important. What is your end game?  What do you really want from your life, your relationships, your job/your career?  Dig deeper in order to get clarity on YOUR purpose.  Find it, embrace it and use it to lead forward.

STEP 5. Celebrate your ability to be the difference and make a difference, nothing is more important.  Building a better self, better team, better business unit, better organization and a better world starts with YOU.   We each have a critical role to play in our best life, best work environment and best world.

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