Monday Mojo for Caregivers – How to Bring More Positivity Into Your Home

Hello and welcome to Monday Mojo for Caregivers. Have you ever entered a home that seemed to emanate positivity,  happy and relaxed energy? A home filled with good vibes brings on better conversation, cooking, working, creativity and so much more. There will be less fights, misunderstandings, arguments and sadness.

So, here are ideas on how to bring some good vibes into your home:

1. Get Rid of Clutter
A clean space is a clear mind! Put the little things away, and keep everything in order. To do this the majority of the items in your home should have a designated space. Less clutter means less stress! We don’t want our minds to be any busier than they already are.

2. Plants
Keeping live plants in the home makes the place livelier! The more life we welcome into our space, the more enjoyable it is, and the more inviting it is to our guests. The oxygen is purifying too.

3. Crystals
Having an array of beautiful and charged crystals in your home adds to the good vibes. You can charge your crystals to enhance their healing properties by placing them in the sunlight, moonlight or near a lit beeswax candle. They’re alluring to the eye, and each healing in their own ways

4. Burn Natural Incense
Burning incense is another lovely way to purify your home, and fill it with a delicious scent to soothe the mind. Some of my favorites to burn are sandalwood, amber and frankincense. Always be sure to buy all natural, hand rolled incense.

5. Fresh Flowers
Bringing fresh flowers home to fill the house is so lovely. It adds a beautiful splash of color to brighten the room, and if they’re aromatic, you’ll be sniffing them in all day, too. Pretty flowers equals a fresh vibe and that is what makes a home welcoming.

6. Open the Windows and Doors
Allow fresh air to fill your home for at least five minutes each day. Let the wind naturally exchange air that has been cooped up with some fresh and vibrant, oxygen filled breeze. Even during winter months this should be done!

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