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Monday Mojo for Caregivers – 8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – 8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – 8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving

Hello and welcome to Monday Mojo for Caregivers. Self-improvement is universal to the human experience; we all have things we’d like to change about ourselves. Perhaps you want to lose weight, improve your skills in a certain area, be more comfortable socially, be happier, or more productive. Whatever the ultimate improvement desired, in order to achieve it you may benefit from identifying your specific goals, enacting change, and coping with setbacks.

Here are 8 ways to be constantly improving:

  1. Read Books

It’s like having the best advice from mentors throughout history on demand.

  1. Listen to Podcasts

Fill in the gaps of your life with educational audio. Listen to podcasts in the shower, on car rides and while waiting in long lines.

  1. Take a Course

There is free information online, but a quality course brings it all together and saves you time.

  1. Practice Old Passions

Take a break or go on a sabbatical. Revisit the things you enjoy but don’t normally do.

  1. Get Feedback & Critiques

Skip the compliment sandwiches. Seek feedback from trusted people and get straight to the meat.

  1. Work Towards a Goal

Commit to daily practice. Do one small thing every day that will get you a little bit closer.

  1. Be Open to Change

To improve yourself, you must change. If you aren’t willing to change, it’s hard to move forward.

  1. Choose Your Friends Carefully

Your mom was right all along. You become like the people you spend the most time with.

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