Monday Mojo for Caregivers – Enjoy Family Holiday Time – Make the Most Out of the Holidays

Monday Mojo for Caregivers – Enjoy Family Holiday Time – Make the Most Out of the Holidays

Monday Mojo for Caregivers - Enjoy Family Holiday Time - Make the Most Out of the HolidaysMonday Mojo for Caregivers – Enjoy Family Holiday Time – Make the Most Out of the Holidays

As fun as the holidays may be, all that time with family can leave you feeling tired and grouchy. Parties, cooking, entertaining, shopping, and traveling create extra stress. Other than completely avoiding family during the holidays, how can you take care of yourself in the midst of all the stress and recuperate after it’s all over? Here’s how…

The following tips can help you manage stress that may come up during a holiday visit:

Be Prepared

If your brother always criticizes you for your wardrobe or your lack of attention to recent literature, be prepared. Realize that you can’t change other people. The best approach is to be prepared for dealing with them. Brace yourself for any criticism, trying not to take it personally and steer the conversation toward topics you both enjoy discussing.

Protect Your Personal Space

Being in the same house for days with several other people you rarely see can tax your nerves–especially when you feel like you’ve lost your personal space. Carve out one place where you can go to be alone, even if you have to drive to get there.

Make the Most of Your Time There

It’s not often that you get to break away from care giving. Use this valuable time to catch up with friends and family! Being around the people you love makes you feel at home so kick back and have some fun.

Once the holidays are over, you may have many feelings keeping you up at night. Maybe you had a fight with your mother-in-law or you keep replaying something your sister said over and over in your head. Maybe you’re blaming yourself for failing to make it all perfect. All this stress can make you sick, cause you to overeat, and sap your energy. Here’s how to shed the holiday aftermath and refocus positive energy in your life:

Get Some Sleep 

There’s nothing better than sleep for healing your body and mind. As the days get shorter, nights gets longer, making winter the perfect time for catching up on sleep. Go to bed an hour early each night until you start feeling energetic again.

Start Something New

Try a new hobby or sport or join a club. Shaking up your routine can get you out of the holiday doldrums.

Remind Yourself of the Good Things

If you find yourself feeling low or beat up after too many rounds of family criticism, take some time to review your accomplishments. Write them down to remind yourself of all the good things you’ve done.

Send Thank-You Notes

Studies have shown that feeling grateful helps improve your mood. Thank each family member for their contribution to the holidays. You’ll brighten their day while helping yourself feel better about the whole experience.

Remember, while the holiday time can be overwhelming, it is also a time of great joy. Do things that make you happy whether that be pigging out on Christmas desserts or having a meaningful conversation with a family member.

Do not take the holidays for granted! Use the time to build stronger relationships and make memories.

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