Monday Mojo – Dance! Keep Enjoying the Activities You Love!

Monday Mojo – Dance! Keep Enjoying the Activities You Love!

Monday Mojo

Welcome to today’s Monday Mojo produced by the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center. Have you ever heard the saying “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”? Well today, we will be discussing how imperative it is to keep enjoying the activities you love!

Dancing is always a great way to tone your body, meet new people, and have fun, but did you know that dancing may also fight the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? After studying various activities, researchers found the following figures.

* Reading reduces the risk by 35%

* Bicycling and swimming 0%

* Crossword puzzles done 4x a week 47%

* Golf 0%

* Dancing frequently 76% 

The study shows that rapid-fire decision making is what leads to cognitive improvement.

We all know that dance is fun. Even those of use with “two left feet” can’t resist the universal foot-tap or leg-shake when we hear music. As it turns out, that movement is an involuntary physical response that is deeply rooted in our evolution as a human being.

Researchers discussed the theory that dance can serve as a type of fall precaution among the elderly. The aerobic activity of dancing improves balance, can help lower blood pressure, and improve coordination.

It is fascinating that dancing, an activity that is so much fun, not only makes you physically healthier, but can also make you smarter. Have a great week!