Monday Mojo – Celebrate Yourself!

Monday Mojo – Celebrate Yourself!

Monday Mojo for Alzheimer's Caregivers in West Palm BeachCaregiving can be as draining as it is rewarding.  On today’s Monday Mojo we chatted about the importance of celebrating yourself.  It’s not always an easy thing to do when you sometimes feel that you have, or are currently, struggling to be a good caregiver.  But it’s important to give yourself kudos! Let’s look at some of the things we already addressed:

1.  You are special, in so many ways.  You are giving of your time, your energy, and maybe a large part of your life to make someone else’s life better – that of the Alzheimer’s patient.

2.  You are traveling the path of a caregiver.   Whether it is a spouse, parent, child, relative or friend you are caring for – you are traveling the caregiver path.  Just the fact that you are continuing to do so says so much about how big your heart is!  Yes, you are a kind, compassionate and loving person!

3.  You are human. Let go of your mistakes.  As caregivers, we are often stretched as far as we can go on many levels.  In areas where you feel you are falling short, let it go.  Remember, you are probably more than making up for weaknesses in areas where you are particularly strong.  Letting go should be a daily task.  Whether you choose to do so when your head hits the pillow at night, or you vow every morning to be the best caregiver possible… Just let go.

4.  No one can do exactly what you do, the way that you do it.  This can mean so much to the one you are caring for.  While many folks can provide compassionate, loving care, ou are the one who is a stabilizer (constant) in the Alzheimer’s patient’s life.  It is at the sight of you that their eyes light up and a smile crosses their lips.  Revel in what you have to offer and the joy and comfort you bring to the patient on a regular basis.

You are a person, a caregiver and someone else’s reason for continuing on.  Celebrate yourself – and all the wonderful things about YOU!